Connecting Communities


Chalcot Lodge is truly a 'community school'. Staff and parents work cooperatively to provide a comprehensive educational program, modern, safe, practical facilities and innovative as well as traditional resources to provide the maximum opportunity for each student to experience success.




Some of the amazing programs/events we are working on are:


Multicultural morning tea

All Parents/Carers and Little Ones are welcome.

A great way to practice English in a supportive environment, meet new friends and find out more about our school and community. The morning teas will run fortnightly on Thursdays, at 9.15am-10:30am in the Library.


Fathering Project

Dads and Kids exercise 
Open to all dads and father figures within our community. A fortnightly exercise session to be run on Thursdays from 3.45pm - 4:30pm ("kick off" at 4pm) from Term 2. There will be a variety of fitness activities including golf skills, bike education, ball skills and fitness and obstacle course training sessions. Please check Compass for details.


Community Garden
We will be filling our 2 garden beds with lots of delicious produce. Families are invited to adopt a portion of a bed or simply help out when they're able. All produce will be used during the school Cooking Classes and any excess will be donated to local families in need.



Upcoming Community Projects

We are also very excited to be developing the following programs from Term 3 onwards:

  • Life skills workshops 
    Helping children and families develop healthy long-term habits, from simple things such as teaching kids laundry, right through to financial literacy and education sessions.

  • Craft skills exchange 
    Do you have a skill that others would like to learn? Whether it is a special meal from your homeland that you'd love to share, or you're able to sew, knit or crochet and you'd be willing to teach others? We would love to hear from you!

  • Kids and parents yoga
    A weekly yoga session for children and their parents. Open to families within the school and will be run weekly.

  • Kite building and flying competition 
    Build a kite and then race it against other families in the school.

  • Targeted parent information sessions 
    Information sessions relating to relevant topics parents within our communities are facing, whether that be fussy eating, behavioural strategies to help manage anxiety, etc.

We would very much like to see our families participate in these and any other programs you feel are important to you. If you have ideas on other ways we can make the school community more accessible to you, we would love to hear from you!