Brain Food Guidelines:

  • Variety of Options: The provided list of brain foods is diverse, offering a mix of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and whole grains. This variety ensures that students receive a range of nutrients.
  • Personal Snacks: Emphasize the importance of students bringing their own snacks in a named container to avoid any allergies or dietary restrictions. This also encourages responsibility and independence.
  • No Sharing: Reinforce the rule of not sharing snacks to maintain a safe and healthy environment, especially considering potential allergies.
  • Hydration: Stress the significance of staying hydrated with water. It's great that the focus is on water rather than sugary drinks.



Program fees prior to the Child Care Subsidy include:

Before School Care $22.00

After School Care $24.00


If you wish to claim the Child Care Subsidy, you must update your MyGov account and be registered with the Family Assistance Office. 

To contact Family Assistance Office, please call 13 61 50.

Before and After School Care:

  • Wellness and Development: Highlight the program's commitment to the overall well-being, resilience, achievement, and respect of the children. This demonstrates a holistic approach to child development.
  • Qualified Educators: Mentioning that the program is managed by qualified and experienced educators adds credibility and reassurance to parents.
  • Engaging Activities: Emphasize the range of indoor and outdoor activities tailored to the children's needs and interests. This not only provides entertainment but also contributes to their development.
  • Convenient Hours: Clearly outline the program's operating hours, making it easier for parents to plan and enroll their children.
  • Financial Information: Provide transparency regarding program fees, both before and after the Child Care Subsidy. Mentioning that some families pay only a few dollars a day with the subsidy can be a motivating factor for parents.
  • Enrollment Process: Clearly state the process for enrolling children in the program, including the contact email for inquiries.


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